A Life Changing Experience

A Life Changing Experience 

Campbell Mattress Fundraiser Benefiting DASA 

 Campbell Mattress is honored to partner with the Disabled Athlete Sports Association (DASA) to raise funds benefiting Camp WeCanDu from May 15th – May 31st so “local youth with different abilities can come together for an unforgettable experience that enhances their ABILITIES and creates social bonds that last a lifetime.”  

This May you could contribute to a life changing experience for “children living with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, visual impairments, and many other forms of physical disabilities”.  Every June DASA hosts the summer Camp WeCanDu that provides an opportunity for local youth with physical disabilities to fully participate in a week-long, traditional summer camp experience loaded with fun activities and friendship.   



The Disabled Athlete Sports Association was founded in 1997 by Kelly Behlmann, who provided physical therapy to children with disabilities. In the 20 years since its inception DASA has gone on to become a greater and more impactful community organization “that dramatically changes lives”. They have now produced several Paralympic Athletes that have competed around the world in sports such as Sled Hockey, Powerlifting and Wheelchair Rugby. These accomplishments can often start first as a child through the Ability Gym located inside the Mid Rivers Mall.  

The Ability Gym focuses on adaptive fitness and exercise rehabilitation to support DASA’s mission and continue athlete empowerment. Combined with the Ability Gym and the summer Camp WeCanDu children with different abilities learn and are empowered by discovering what they can truly accomplish, gain self-esteem and confidence to discover their dreams can be a reality. These endeavors are fueled by DASA’s Core Values which “represent how they translate their Mission of empowering individuals with physical disabilities through adaptive sports and fitness into ACTION.” 

We Are Scrappy 

We work from the heart. We do whatever it takes. We are passionate about our mission, and care deeply about our impact. We are relentless in our determination to help our athletes and their families succeed. We show up for our athletes and challenge them to excel, no matter the circumstance. We are creative, strong, dedicated, and aligned in our purpose. 

We Unleash Swagger 

We empower our athletes to believe in themselves, and their abilities. We expect their best. We create experiences that challenge and empower our athletes to reach beyond any external or self-imposed limitations to discover their abilities are greater than they may have been told, or believe, Through adaptive sports and fitness, we build strength, self-confidence, courage, and independence. 

We Connect Community 

We connect our athletes and their families to a community of support. Through competition, recreation, and a supportive social network we provide intentional opportunities to learn from and support each other through whatever challenges we face. Through education and community building, we guide families and individuals to advocate for themselves and utilize their abilities, power, and greatness.” 

These values can be seen through their mission, through their programs, and through their partnerships and outreach with a legacy of impact; and that is something Campbell Mattress knows a thing or two about.  



For over 90 years Campbell Mattress has been a Midwest staple producing high quality locally made mattresses in Cape Girardeau. Campbell Mattress strives to be the little guy of the community for the community, and we hold a special place in our hearts for local groups and causes. Fundraisers such as this one for DASA are just one small way we work to give back to the community without whom we wouldn’t exist. 

CEO Pat McCurren remembers fondly delivering his first mattress at just 14 years old with his father. Most of us, as children especially, take for granted our mobility and abilities playing sports, running, swimming, getting to just be children with no concerns or hurdles to overcome in doing what we want. Going away to summer camp is a pivotal moment in a child's life and is a memory which many of us look back on into adulthood as the best summer of our lives. DASA through Camp WeCanDu and all their incredible programs provides that opportunity for many children who otherwise wouldn’t get to have those same experiences and creates memories for these children to look back on for the rest of their lives. Campbell Mattress recognizes how important DASA and these summer camp experiences are for children, and we want to give back, to DASA, and the community as a whole. 

After nearly a century in business, Campbell has embarked on being steadfast as the local guys from the community for the community making it a central part of their company culture, and it is that love for Missouri Community that drew Campbell Mattress to the Disabled Athlete Sports Association. 


Campbell Mattress features a range of Made in Missouri mattresses from the Heritage Collection “bringing the best of the early years forward, of quality goods made locally, while introducing some new and exciting products and features” like the ergonomic XO Technology, that is supportive where you need it in your lower back and pressure relieving in key areas of shoulders, hips and knees featured in their Relax-O-Pedic Collection. Or whether it's paying homage to Marshal Homer Gray who was a pillar to his Missouri community with his name's sake MH Gray Collection, which features the best Missouri Mattress, the MH Gray Legacy 

Perhaps it's best said from Campbell Sleep CEO, Pat McCurren, “From my first experience with Campbell it was clear, they were not out to build the cheapest mattress you could find. Those wouldn't be allowed to bare the Campbell name. They also were not out to build the most expensive mattress you could find. What they did do, was give you the most mattress for your money and put that money back to work in Missouri, which meant a lot to my dad, and to me.”   


Now through the end of May you can contribute to the legacy of impact by doing your mattress shopping with Campbell Mattress during the Camp WeCanDu fundraiser. By doing so, you will sleep better on a quality Made in Missouri mattress that supports your local community while also supporting the life changing experience that these children get to enjoy with your help.  


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